Cost Effective Protection for Smartphones, Tablets, Barcode Scanners and Mobile Computers

What is a BREAK-fix Service Plan?

A BREAK-fix repair service plan from Eden Repair Centre is a cost effective way to cover your organisations’ mobile devices against accidental damage and breakdown. With one annual fee covering your whole fleet, an online portal for logging claims, and with all collection and delivery costs being included within the cover, the BREAK-fix option provides a simple and efficient way to process repairs while reducing the need for ongoing purchase orders and invoicing.

Break-Fix Repair Service Plan

What’s Included?

The BREAK-fix repair plan offers a broad range of services to ensure that faults arising from accidental damage are covered. Qualifying repairs include:

  • Screen Damage
  • Faulty Buttons
  • Audio Issues
  • Charge Ports and Other Sockets
  • Cameras and Lenses
  • Batteries*
  • Housing and Framework*
  • Liquid Damage*
  • Apple Warranty Claims

*Excess fees may apply, please see our terms and conditions for details.

Key Benefits

Focusing on simplifying processes for organisations and IT departments, a BREAK-fix repair plan offers you the benefits of:

  • One easy annual payment
  • No ongoing purchase orders
  • No individual invoices for repairs
  • No waiting for diagnosis and quotes
  • Reduced admin requirements
  • Collection and delivery costs covered
  • A simple online ticketing system

How does the repair process work?

A simple claim process is in place to ensure fast, efficient turnarounds on all devices. It really is as simple as 1,2,3…

1. Raise a service ticket

Log your repair request by filling in the claim form. This will automatically raise a ticket with our repair centre, who will prepare in advance to ensure of a quick turnaround for your repair.

2. Send your device

Using our pre-paid, protective packs, send your device to our repair centre. Upon arrival your device will be checked in, diagnosed and repaired, receiving priority treatment.

3. Receive your repaired device

Once all repairs are completed, Eden will dispatch your fully working device back to your chosen address, using a tracked, next business day courier service.

Ask about BREAK-fix for your organisation:

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If you already have a BREAK-fix plan and wish to raise a service ticket, please use the link below:

For full terms and conditions on BREAK-fix service plans from Eden Repair Centre Ltd, please see below:

Terms & Conditions

Eden Break-Fix Protection – a repair policy provided by Eden Repair Centre Limited, who agrees to repair your covered device in accordance with the following terms and conditions.


‘POC’ means ‘Proof Of Coverage’. This is a certificate confirming the devices and chosen level of cover.
‘BER’ means ‘Beyond Economical Repair’. This is in relation to a device not being repairable.

1. The Policy
1.1. Your Policy is made up of this cover document setting out the terms & conditions of your coverage under Eden Break-Fix Protection and your POC certificate. Please check them carefully to make sure they give you the cover you want. If any of the information on which the policy is based changes, Eden may need to update their records, and the details on your POC certificate.

1.2. Should you need to obtain a replacement POC certificate or cover details, please contact Eden or your registered Eden Partner who will be able to assist.

1.3. The premium for your policy and the excess charges are as stated on your POC certificate. These prices exclude standard UK VAT.

2. Coverage Period

2.1. Your Break-Fix Protection starts from the date you purchase your policy. Your Break-Fix Protection will cease on the agreed end date of your policy. Your policy purchase date and policy end date are shown on your POC certificate.

2.2. Your Break-Fix Protection may end earlier if you have exercised your right to cancel or if it is cancelled by Eden in accordance with the terms of this Policy. Once Break-Fix Protection is cancelled, all future repairs and delivery charges, including Mail Packs, will be chargeable at standard Eden Repair Centre rates.

2.3. Eden reserve the right to reject claims where there is reasonable proof that damage occurred prior to the commencement of the policy.

3. The Cover

3.1. Eden Break-Fix Protection entitles you to selected repairs on accidental damage suffered by your covered equipment.

3.2. A maximum of two incidents of accidental damage are accepted for each device. Additional repairs will be chargeable and will require confirmation before the repair is processed.

3.3. Covered equipment must be repaired by Eden and no cash reimbursement will be offered for repairs undertaken by a third party. Eden reserve the right to reject repairs where there is evidence of a repair by a third party.

3.4. Accidental damage repairs that are covered by Eden Break-Fix Protection are as listed below:
• Screen replacement
• LCD replacement
• Digitiser replacement
• Button replacement (except Touch ID functionality on iPhone/iPad)
• Speaker & microphone replacement
• Charge port, headphone jack and other port replacement
• Cameras & camera lens replacement
• Battery replacement (Batteries are replaced if damaged or below 80% of their original design capacity. Batteries are only covered if the battery replacement cover add-on is listed on your POC certificate)
• Housing/framework reshaping (Housing/framework replacements are subject to an excess fee as stated in section 3.5 and on your POC certificate)
• Liquid damage recovery (Liquid damage recovery is subject to an excess fee as stated in section 3.5 and on your POC certificate. Eden cannot guarantee that the liquid damage treatment will be successful and will not charge the excess fee if the device is declared BER.)

3.5. A policy excess fee will be chargeable should your covered equipment require any of the following repairs/services:
• Housing/framework/rear glass replacements
• Liquid damage recovery
All excess fees will be listed in your POC document.

3.6. Should a repair be required that qualifies for an excess fee charge, you will be notified and asked for your approval prior to the repair being carried out. If approved, you will have to pay the applicable policy excess fee towards the cost of the claim. The policy excess fee should be paid to Eden or your registered Eden Partner.

4. Exclusions

4.1. Eden Break-Fix Protection does not cover you for any of the following:
• Any product/equipment not listed on your POC certificate
• Any Accessories that are provided with the devices
• Damaged caused by deliberate abuse or misuse
• Damage that has occurred due to a repair/modification undertaken by a repairer other than Eden Repair Centre Ltd
• Loss or theft of your covered equipment
• Cosmetic damage that does not affect the functionality of the covered equipment
• Damage caused by fire
• Equipment failure due to manufacturing defects/workmanship or design.
• Issues that arise as a result of upgrading to “beta”, “pre-release” or “preview” versions of
software / operating systems or installation of unknown applications
• Data loss of any kind. (Eden advise that users regularly back up their data)
• Recovery and installation of data and software programs/apps
• Repair or replacement of equipment that is deemed BER (Beyond Economical Repair) by Eden Repair Centre Ltd. Should Eden find reason to declare your covered equipment BER, a quote for a replacement device will be issued to you.

5. General Conditions

5.1. To benefit fully from Eden Break-Fix Protection, you must comply with this clause as well as clauses 6 and 7, which are conditions of this policy. Failure to comply with these conditions may result in repair requests being declined.

5.2. Whilst Eden do not include a fair use policy on all agreements, we reserve the right to review the agreement at any stage of the contract.

5.3. Should an end-user want to place a fair use policy on their agreement, the annual pricing may fluctuate accordingly. Please contact Eden or your registered Eden Partner to discuss this option.

5.4. Payment and cover. If your agreement states that the premium is to be paid in full upfront, it must be paid before you can receive any repairs, and no repair requirement will be met under this policy if the premium has not been paid in full. Where you have agreed to pay the premium in instalments, you must be up to date with payments in order to receive repairs. If you fail to make any instalments by the due date and fall into arrears on your account, repair services will be declined until all payments are up to date and collection/delivery charges may occur.

5.5. Duty of care. You shall agree to take reasonable precautions to protect your covered equipment against accidental damage and shall only use the covered equipment as intended and in accordance with the manufacturer’s guidelines.

6. How to Request and Receive Repairs

6.1. You must report your claim as soon as possible by raising a service ticket with Eden Repair Centre Ltd on or telephoning Eden on 0113 892 1115. Eden will require your covered equipment serial number before providing assistance and before your policy commences. Your repair will then be processed by means of the options set out in clause 6.4.

6.2. You should ensure, where possible, that all data is backed up. Where removable storage is applicable, such as memory cards, this should be removed and retained by you before sending the device in for repair.

6.3. If requested, you must produce your POC certificate in order to validate that your equipment is covered.

6.4. Valid repair requests can be fulfilled using one of the following options:
• Walk-in service. Once a service ticket is raised, you may bring the covered equipment in to Eden Repair Centre to receive your repair. A repair will be undertaken and once the repair is complete you will be notified to collect your covered equipment.
• Mail-in service. Eden will provide the prepaid postage and packaging required so that you can send your covered equipment to Eden. Once the repair is complete, Eden will return the covered Equipment to you via a chosen courier partner. Eden cover all postage costs to and from your location when all instructions are followed by you.

7. Your responsibilities when making Repair Requests

7.1. When requesting a repair under this policy, you must:
• Provide relevant information regarding the symptoms and damage suffered by your covered equipment, this may include error messages and any action already taken by you
• Provide covered equipment identifiers, such as make, model and serial number or IMEI number
• Follow the instructions given to you by Eden or your registered Eden partner
• Pack equipment securely when using the mail-in service option. Please ensure the use of your Eden Mail Pack and complete the packing slip in its entirety. When using your own shipping methods to send covered equipment to Eden, you must ensure that a cover note is included, stating your service ticket number, contact details and equipment identifiers such as make, model and serial number or IMEI number
• Ensure your covered equipment is insured during transit. Eden Mail Packs use Royal Mail Special Delivery services which provide cover unto the value of £500. Eden will not be held responsible for loss or damage that occurs during transit.
• Ensure you have backed up your data as Eden will not be held responsible for any data loss that occurs.

8. Cancellation

8.1. In the event that spare parts become unavailable for the covered devices, Eden will provide a backdated credit to the last repair that was carried out under your cover. This credit will signify the cancellation of your agreement with Eden Repair Centre. Please note that allocated spare parts will be kept in stock at the beginning of each contract to minimise such instances occurring.

9. Transfer of Policy to Replacement Equipment

9.1. In the event of your covered equipment being deemed to be BER, your policy can be transferred onto a like for like replacement device only if the replacement device is supplied by Eden, your registered Eden Partner or a pre-approved source which has been agreed before purchase.

9.2. Should replacement equipment be purchased from an unagreed third party or if the replacement equipment is a different model, you will need to cancel your current policy as stated in clause 8, and a new policy request must be made. A credit for the remainder of the cancelled policy will be issued, to be used against the new policy that is put in place.

9.3. When transferring your Eden Break-Fix Protection policy onto replacement equipment, Eden must be notified of the new products identifiers, including make, model, serial number and (if applicable) IMEI number.

9.4. The transfer of your Eden Break-Fix Protection policy onto replacement equipment will be effective once Eden issue you with an amended POC certificate or policy transfer note.