About us

Eden Repair Centre Ltd specialises in the repair and insurance of smartphones, tablets and laptops.
Across all our operations, we pride ourselves on customer service.  We value our work and aim to develop lasting relationships with all our clients.
Eden Telecom (our sister company) was founded in 2011 by Richard Kennedy who boasts over 25 years of experience within the telecoms arena. Eden Repair Centre has been operational since 2014 and has shown continued growth within the education and business sectors.
Our deep understanding of the importance of business mobility, combined with the training and experience of our technical staff ensures we are a safe, reliable choice for all mobile phone and tablet repairs.
Our repairs are carried out to extremely high standards and each device that arrives at Eden receives a full health check both before and after repairs are carried out.
Eden’s online booking and tracking system gives customers full visibility of their devices progress throughout the repair process. Businesses benefit from a range of payment options and credit facilities are available upon request. For customers with large quantities of devices, we provide tailored service contracts and insurance packages which helps to make our service personal, simple and hassle free.
In short, we love what we do and are experts in our field.  We guarantee our work and are here, in person, for you when you need us most.
If you wish to know more about partnering with Eden Repair Centre, or would like to meet our team then please contact us, we will be happy to help.
Please feel free to browse the other sites within the Eden group for more information on a range of IT and Telecoms solutions.