Top Tips for Liquid Damage Recovery!

Your beloved smartphone has just taken a leap into the washing up bowl.
So what should you do and, more importantly, what shouldn’t you do?

It is common knowledge that liquids and electronics don’t mix well, but many smartphones still end up being dunked in washing up bowls, baths or paddling pools, and some even enjoy a swim in the loo.

While you could put these cases down to the owners clumsiness, we see many damaged devices that have just had bad luck, such as cyclists and walkers getting caught in a sudden rain shower with their smartphone in a backpack pocket.

In truth, water damage can happen to anyone, so BEFORE it happens, ask yourself this;

Liquid damage recovery repairs

If I lost my phone to water damage today, what else would I lose?

While phone numbers and email address records can be rebuilt over time, photos of children, pets and memorable occasions are irreplaceable.

This is why Eden feel that a reliable backup solution should be a prerequisite for all mobile device owners.

If you need help or advice on reliable backup services, contact our team who will be happy to discuss the options with you.

Step by Step Guide For Surviving Liquid Damage

If water or any other liquid enters your device, it’s vital that you act as quickly as possible. Follow these steps to increase your chances of a full recovery and to limit the risk of irreparable damage.

1. DO…Remove the device from liquid as quickly as possible.

For every second your device is submerged, liquid will be working its way behind buttons, charge ports and headphone jacks and making its way towards that all important logic board.

2. DON’T…shake your device.

While this will helps to dry the exterior and remove liquid from any ports, it also distributes liquid over vital components, causing “short circuits”.

3. Do…Remove The Battery (If Possible).

If your device has a removable battery, remove it as soon as possible. Running electricity through a wet mobile can result in irrecoverable damage. If it has an integral battery then you should act swiftly to ensure it is powered off.

4. DON’T…plug in your charger!

There is a risk attached to operating a wet device, so even if your smartphone seems to operate normally we advise you continue with our steps to minimise the chances of permanent damage.

5. DO…Remove excess moisture.

It is important to dry out your device as quickly as possible so that parts within it are not sat in water for too long. We advise using an electronics rescue bag (available from Eden) as they help to attract and soak up any moisture from your device. Placing your smartphone in a bowl of uncooked rice can provide similar results but nothing really beats specifically designed rescue bags and you will have to be careful not to get any grains lodged in external ports.

6. DON’T…use a hairdryer!

Too much heat focused on one area can damage or warp internal components and blemish the display.

7. DO…exercise patience!

Resist the temptation to “try and see”. We all rely on smartphones for everyday life but turning a device on with even the slightest bit of moisture inside can lead to permanent damage.

We often see people who have “dried” out their phones, tried to turn them on with no success and then ask us to check them over. Upon opening many of these cases we find standing water still within the device alongside a burnt out resistor or capacitor. Having the check up before flowing electricity through it will very often lead to a full recovery.

8. DO…Seek professional advice.

Eden offer a free check-up for water damaged devices. We can safely open and assess any damage within most smartphones before advising on the best possible solution

9. DO…Consider liquid damage treatment.

Believe it or not, a smartphone that has been completely submerged is not necessarily a lost cause. Using state of the art equipment and a specifically designed chemical solution (for cleaning printed circuit boards and electronics), we can remove any oxidisation from the surface of components and connections within your device and allow electrical currents to flow correctly. While not guaranteed to fix your phone, we have a high success rate with this treatment, allowing customers to access their data and enjoy the full benefits of their device again. Having your board professionally cleaned helps to prevent damage, such as rust, spreading and eventually destroying your device.

Water damage treatment for an iPad

Don’t delay…book a free assessment TODAY!

Time is of the essence when it comes to liquid damage. We prioritise liquid damaged devices as every minute counts. If you have a wet phone, contact us today to book your FREE assessment.

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